Von Maur, West Music and Yamaha
bring you a rare opportunity!

Yamaha Grand Pianos from Von Maur

Chances are, you have shopped at your local Von Maur store and enjoyed the live piano music drifting through the air as you browse for a new pair of shoes or slacks. Through a partnership with Yamaha and West Music, Von Maur has placed Yamaha grand pianos in their stores to add an upscale ambiance to their guests’ experience.

At certain intervals, these pianos are exchanged for new, which is where your opportunity comes into play. The pianos which are exchanged out are brought to West Music where we adjust, tune, buff and shine to put them in like-new condition, offering them for purchase at an amazing price. These grand pianos have been well cared for by the Von Maur stores and regularly tuned, so the break-in process is complete – plus each instrument still retains the full 10 year Yamaha warranty! You are able to invest in a nearly new, fully warranted piano for the price of a used model! Many times these instruments are spoken for even before we have them back in our stores!

For information on the pianos that are currently available, or on pianos that we expect to be arriving soon, please use our contact form, or call West Music at (800) 373-2000.