Jennie Crim portrait

Jennie Crim attended Drake University as a piano and voice major, and in the past has enjoyed playing guitar, violin, accordion, and recorder.  She is a Certified Piano consultant. Over the years she has toured numerous piano factories to learn first hand how pianos are built and what goes into making a quality piano.

The status of Certified Piano Consultant is given to those who have passed extensive testing of piano construction knowledge and keeping up to date in knowing the differences between Manufacturer’s various models of pianos and keyboards.

She often tells customers the following story: “Mom said she had me take piano lessons so I could play for her in her old age.  My mother is over 70 now, on oxygen all the time, and YES I love to play piano for her.  What a precious gift she gave me!  I can help you fulfill your dreams too.  Call me for an appointment.

Phone: 319.377.9100 – ext. 5102 (Direct) – 800.373.9101 (Toll-free)