John Waltz - Piano Associate

With a fitting last name, John Waltz remembers taking piano lessons at an early age. Then came the French horn and guitar. Enjoying playing, singing, and studying music through school and college, he took a combo position at West Music in Cedar Falls, where he has been the last 20 years. Coming around full circle, he was asked to help with the piano department. He has toured the Steinway factory and has received many hours of training from both Steinway and Yamaha. John is passionate about music and believes it raises the quality of life, no matter what your age might be.

Music overflows at the Waltz residence. Daughters Angelle and KD play piano, cello, viola, flute, guitar, saxophone…whew! John’s wife Crystal (a school music teacher) likes to take the girls to talent shows throughout the state. John enjoys family time, engineering sound for music concerts and riding bicycles and motorcycles.

Phone: 319.277.4104 (Direct) – 800.248.7004 (Toll-free)