2017 Summer Piano Workshops

Wynn-Anne RossiAlfred Music Workshop

Nationally acclaimed composer Wynn-Anne Rossi is widely known for her piano compositions. She has also written for vocal and chamber groups, percussion ensembles, concert band, and orchestra. As a lecturer on composition and musical self-expression, she has been a composer-in- residence in Minnesota schools since 2003 inspiring hundreds of students to write original music.

At Wynn-Anne’s workshop you will explore how to: Teach Latin American musical styles and learn practical Latin dance steps, harness the power of applied theory by incorporating composition into the curriculum and plan repertoire for your students with a fast-paced review of new music



Thursday, August 3, 9:00am*: West Music Quad Cities
Please RSVP to Patrick Downing

Friday, August 4, 9:00am*: West Music Cedar Rapids
Please RSVP to Brittany Collia

*Registration begins at 8:40am. There will be giveaways, special discounts and refreshments.

Lori BastienKjos Music Workshop

Learn from industry expert, Lori Bastien. Lori Bastien began lessons at age four, also studying with her mother. After attending the University of Redlands, Lori transferred to Rice University where she received her Bachelor of Music degree. She teaches both group and private lessons and is very active in local and national music teacher organizations. Teaching piano since her teen years, Lori writes music that her students find fun to play. She coauthored Bastien’s Invitation to Music and A Debut for You (Books 1-4) and Bastien Adult Piano Course with her mother Jane and her sister Lisa. Also with her sister, she coauthored the Theory Booster Series activity books. Lori, her husband Eric Vickers, and their two children live in La Jolla, California.



Monday, August 7, 9:30am*: West Music Quad Cities
Please RSVP to Patrick Downing

Tuesday, August 8, 9:30am*: West Music Cedar Falls
Please RSVP to Keith Sieren

*Registration begins at 9:00am. There will be giveaways, special discounts and refreshments.

Phillip KeverenHal Leonard Piano Teacher Workshop

Meet Phillip Keveren, the man behind the
music and be inspired! Discover his artistry
and hear Phillip performing and giving
insight into his newest publications in The
Phillip Keveren Series. With over 100 books
and counting, this distinguished collection
has something for everyone at every level.





Wednesday, August 9, 9:30am*: West Music Coralville
Please RSVP to Nelda Wittig

Thursday, August 10, 9:30am*: West Music Des Moines Piano Gallery
Please RSVP to Athena Riesenberg

*Registration begins at 9:00am. Free music for every attendee, refreshments, and special discounts.