Henry F. Miller HMG074

The birth of this great piano began in the city of Boston at the hands of classically trained pianist Henry F. Miller. He knew he could create a piano with the dynamics and aesthetics an artist could love. Almost a century and a half later, his piano remains an American Classic.

Since the beginning, Henry F. Miller pianos have continued to be valued for their character as instruments and for the distinction of their design.

The Henry F. Miller commitment to excellence remains indisputable. Only the finest hardwoods and other materials are selected and delivered into the hands of skilled craftspeople. Their attention to detail and scrupulous quality control insure the instrument you select will last for generations.

Our collection of popular styles gives you a wide variety from which to select and an instrument to suit your tastes in design and color. Play and compare – you’ll find Henry F. Miller pianos deliver top performance at an outstanding value.

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Henry F. Miller Grand Pianos
Henry F. Miller 5' 4" Grand Piano (ebony)

Henry F. Miller grand pianos provide a lifetime of enjoyment for any virtuoso at affordable price points. Henry F. Miller uses the finest spruce wood for the soundboards, and Roslau carbon strings made in Germany to create the fine style and superb musicality you’re looking for. It’s no wonder that musicians at all levels prefer Henry F. Miller grand pianos. Read more…

Henry F. Miller Vertical Pianos
Henry F. Miller HMV-047 47" Studio Piano

If you’ve been searching for upright pianos with elegance, time-tested endurance and superior musicality, Henry F. Miller upright pianos will meet your expectations. Perfect for beginners or experienced pianists, Henry F. Miller Uprights combine fine craftsmanship with the ultimate in consumer value. Read more…