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Monmouth College Receives Generous Gift of $80,000 for A New Steinway Concert Grand Piano

Monmouth College Receives Generous Gift of $80,000 for A New Steinway Concert Grand Piano

Source: (Barry McNamara)

The Monmouth College music department will start the coming academic year on a good note—literally—thanks to the gift of a new Steinway concert grand piano by 1947 graduate Joyce Busby of Litchfield, Ill.

The instrument, which is valued at approximately $80,000, will arrive by the beginning of September, according to associate professor of music Ian Moschenross. It will be formally dedicated at a Sept. 22 piano recital by Moschenross.

Moschenross said that thanks to the gift, he and department colleague Tim Pahel are looking forward to traveling to New York City in August. “Steinway sends you to their factory in Queens,” he explained, “and you tour the factory and see pianos being made.”

Moschenross had the opportunity to meet Busby earlier this month and express his gratitude for the gift, which Busby made in honor of her parents, Leland and Ruth Busby. Her father attended Monmouth during the 1921-22 academic year.

“I have an abiding interest in good music,” she said. “That’s why I wanted to make a gift to Monmouth College along those lines.”

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A Grand Guide to Buying a Used Steinway Piano

A Grand Guide to Buying a Used Steinway Piano

Learn about the factors to look for when purchasing a used Steinway

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Created by Casey Saliba of the Steinway Piano Galleries in Texas (Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Plano), along with the collaboration of Steinway & Sons,  A Grand Guide to Buying a Used Steinway Piano is designed to assist you in your journey in selecting a genuine used Steinway piano.  Throughout the website, you’ll learn about how a Steinway is built and rebuilt, what makes a Steinway a genuine Steinway, and what crucial factors need to be considered when shopping the used-Steinway market.  Click here to visit this new website.

New Yamaha Pianos for Drake University

New Yamaha Pianos for Drake University

Unloading a new Yamaha piano at Drake UniversityWest Music just delivered two more Yamaha U1 Professional studio pianos to Drake University yesterday.

They have recently replaced 6 of their “well used” pianos with brand new Yamahas and hope to replace another 60 or so. It’s very exciting to be involved with this piano replacement project and see the enthusiasm students display when new pianos arrive!

Piano professor Dr. Nicholas Roth  and studentsPiano professor Dr. Nicholas Roth was on hand as we brought the new pianos in, as well as a couple of the music students that happened to be close by.

Dr. Roth and Gary Payne from West MusicShiny and new, in good tune and regulation, the Yamaha pianos now have a new home where they can help today’s students become tomorrow’s music professionals.