West Music ConservatoryWest Music Conservatory provides quality instruction on a number of instruments and voice. In our six locations, we offer private instruction with over 140 specialized teachers, each having extensive education and experience. Our teachers are highly qualified and enthusiastic, working with students of all ages and levels of experience. Adaptive Lessons are offered for students with special learning needs through West Music’s Music Therapy Department.  All teachers provide resumes, are interviewed, and a background check is obtained for each candidate before they partner with West Music. Teachers collaborate with their West Music colleagues in performances, clinics, and workshops. Recitals are held in all locations.

Signing up for lessons is easy! Anyone can access our website and go to Online Lesson Registration, following the prompts and menus to learn more about our teachers. Or just call or visit our store! There is a one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $24.95. This registration fee gives our students a discount on sheet music, free admittance to clinics and workshops, and a messenger bag to organize all their music supplies.

At the first lesson a new student can expect to review the teacher’s policies and methods. Your teacher will discuss with you your expectations and how to help you get the most out of your studies.

Learn keyboard in a fun, relaxing way! A new way to play and enjoy the piano! We believe everyone can learn to play! The only prerequisite to play is the desire to enjoy music.

Musical Moments for Adults

Specifically written for the adult hobbyist, students will be amazed at how much they learn in their first class. Students will learn to play by chords and read music in an enjoyable, stress-free environment. The music consists of familiar tunes and original compositions. No recitals-only celebrations. One hour-once a week. No practicing required!

Way Cool Keyboarding for Kids and Teens

Way Cool is designed to add music to the life of every child in a caring, compassionate, fun way. Teachers provide exceptional support while creating fulfilling musical experiences in a positive social environment. Young students experience joy, laughter, and satisfaction with this method that is very different from traditional piano instruction. 45-minute classes, once a week.

What are people saying about their Musical Moments experiences?

“It’s been like a dream come true for me, as I’ve wanted to play the piano since I was a child. I’ve been playing for 1 year now and I thoroughly enjoy it.” -Yeon Min, age 42 (1 year in lessons)

“Playing piano has brought me such happiness and fun. The camaraderie of the lessons has been great. Great stress reliever and comfort to me!” -Beverly Staat, age 60 (2 years in lessons)

“I love my piano lessons! I took piano lessons when I was younger, but since coming to The Piano Gallery I have rediscovered the joy of playing and I even enjoy practicing!” -Sarah Moser, age 51 (1 year in lessons)

Call to find out when a class will start in your location!

Nancy Cree Keyboard Learning Centers

Nancy Cree Keyboard Learning CentersWest Music is proud to partner with the proven and highly successful Nancy Cree Keyboard Learning Centers. Nancy has been teaching since 1974 and developing an integrated acoustic/electronic studio since 1986. There are five studios in four locations using her approach, helping students experience the power of music.

The goal of the Nancy Cree program is to have students continue lessons clear through high school. This gives them the skills they need to keep playing for the rest of their lives. The Keyboard Learning Center studios include: grand pianos, electronic keyboards, top of the line digital pianos, computers for work with theory software, and audio and video centers. The integration of acoustic and electronic equipment gives students the best of both traditional lessons and the use of the latest technology in teaching methods.

Students are given a wide variety of choice in the music they learn, and by using all styles of music (jazz, rock, movie themes, classical, hymns. etc.) students are motivated to learn and keep learning for years. From the beginning, students experience the reinforcement of performance with concerts, ensemble playing and more formal IMTA and Spring Recitals.

We believe the Nancy Cree Keyboard Learning Center’s comprehensive approach to music education offers the greatest possibility of success for students of all ages.

For more information, check out the Nancy Cree Keyboard Learning Centers website or contact a conservatory specialist at your local West Music store.