Henry F. Miller HMV046 46" Studio Piano














If you’ve been searching for Upright Pianos with elegance, time-tested endurance and superior musicality, Henry F. Miller Upright Pianos will meet your expectations. Perfect for beginners or experienced pianists, Henry F. Miller Upright pianos combine fine craftsmanship with the ultimate in consumer value.

Available in ebony, oak and walnut finishes.


Pinblock Custom 17-ply, cross-laminated hard maple best for holding tune.
Tuning Pins Finest-quality, thread-cut, nickle-plated steel for pins that will not slip, twist or rust.
Keys Select all-spruce, the strongest and most stable wood for keys.
Hammers 18 lb. English virgin wool, waterproof, double-felted and T-wired for better tone and longer wear.
Strings Roslau strings of carbon steel from Germany – the strongest steel wire in the world. Bass wires are handwound solid copper providing for deep, rich bass tones.
Soundboard Select all-spruce, the world’s best amplifying wood, with spruce ribs and wood soundboard buttons, all ribs notched into the soundboard liner.
Bridge Highest-quality cross-laminated maple bridges help prevent cracks in the bridge, with cantilevered bass bridge for longer strings and better tone.
Pedals Solid, cast brass pedals will not break or discolor.
Warranty 10 years, parts and labor.